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Andrew Minalto

How to Become an Authorized Dealer for Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones?

Hi Andrew,

Do you have any idea how to be a Reseller of Beats by Dr.Dre?


Hi Guang,

Wow, that’s a short one – and my answer could also be as short as that – forget about it!

You can get cheap Beats by Dr. Dre products from China – BUT they all will be FAKES! Now, I hope I don’t have to repeat that selling fakes is highly illegal and will land you a jail time. Not something you are looking for, right?

As for genuine Beats by Dr. Dre products – you haven’t stated how much money you have to invest in stock nor your trading background but I guess you’re a newbie, without much working capital (otherwise you wouldn’t contact me in first place). And in this case, I don’t think you stand a slightest chance of becoming an authorized dealer for Beats by Dr. Dre items. Just take a look at their website, authorized dealer list – Where to Buy list. Monster only deals with serious, large retailers like Amazon, Apple, Dell, Target etc. I really doubt they’re interested in working with you.

With large, multi-million dollar companies like Monster is, they’re looking for well established retailers, with high turnover figures, customer base, quality customer service, regular orders and proven track record in selling similar items. Do you fall into this category? Probably no…

The only way you can get Beats by Dr. Dre items at discounted price is by:

* Getting liquidation stock.

* Buying on sale items from authorized dealers.

* Importing from other country (if you’re in UK, you could look into importing from the USA as prices there are cheaper. This strategy is somewhat grey area as technically USA items shouldn’t be sold in UK for example. With that being said, many people are doing this, especially on eBay).

* Buying used products and re-selling back on eBay for profit.

* Finding a dropshipper offering Beats by Dr. Dre products.

Out of all these options, importing from the USA and flipping used items are 2 concepts I would personally choose. How to do it properly and effectively you can learn in my Easy Auction Business video course.

Lastly – there are millions of other products out there, why get into Beats by Dr. Dre? I don’t think it’s a product for a newbie as you’ll have to compete with all the fakes floating the market. Besides, margins will be slim, unless you really get good at used goods strategy.

Good Luck!