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Andrew Minalto

How to get MORE Views on eBay?

Hi Andrew,

I purchased your EAB tutorial and I recently started selling on eBay, sales are slow.

I will get a few per week and after checking its because I get such low views to my listings.

I am not TRS yet (feedback 80 with near enough 5 stars on every DSR) and I do not have the cheapest prices I know I have a decent template and good keywords but my problem occurs that my listings are so far down the pages 50-100 sometimes!

I have GTC on so once sales start coming in it should rise, but I need those initial sales but how to get it kick started to it falls like a snowball effect into more sales?

I currently sell my items with free postage and packaging although someone has recommended I put postage on (what it actually costs me) so that the cost is low against other sellers as well as if buyers change the “best match” category to cheapest first.

Any help would be greatly appreciated Andrew.


Hi James,

Thanks for your question.

I won’t talk about Title & Keywords here as I really hope you get those right.

Your biggest mistake is using Good Till Cancel listing format when you’re not Power Seller not talking about Top Rated Seller yet. GTC is very powerful (selling history), yes BUT only once you can get those sales in. At the moment you can’t as eBay moves your listings at the very end of the “cue”.


I believe we’re talking about a niche/products that are fairly competitive and eBay can’t see a single reason why your listings should appear on the first page of search results:

* You’re not a Power Seller

* You’re not a Top Rated Seller

* You don’t have massive selling history for that item

Why should eBay give your listings priority status?

YES, you offer FREE shipping BUT that’s simply not enough when you sell highly competitive item!

What to do?

Become a PS and TRS as soon as possible! How? By listing your items as 3 or 5 day auctions and BINs. Listing ending time still plays important part in Best Match (especially with auction type listings) so USE THAT knowledge and list frequently, with short ending times.

Also, don’t forget about selling any used items you can get hold of – you only need those 100 transactions and 2k in sales – I have seen people achieving this level in 3 weeks time by just re-selling items they can find in their house!

Good Luck James! 🙂