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Andrew Minalto

TOP 3 Turbo Lister Alternatives for eBay Listing Management!

Hi Andrew,

I’m using Turbo Lister for all my eBay listings but to be honest, I’m sick and tired of it’s performance. I’m getting regular problems using Turbo Lister 2 and can’t see any signs of Turbo Lister 3 coming out soon (which could be more stable than current version).

It crashes on a regular basis, then I have to restart the software, some times even restart my PC to get it going again.

So, my question is – what alternatives are there? I’m sure there are better solutions available for eBay listing management.

I don’t need it that much for listing creation as more for uploading/re-listing process as I do create my listings in a stand alone, HTML editor. Any ideas Andrew? 🙂

Carol, UK

Dear Carol,

Thanks for your question.

I sort of know how you feel and agree that Turbo Lister has it’s reliability issues. When I first started using it, I thought it doesn’t work at all as it crashed on a regular basis, just like you’re describing.

But with that said, I still use it, lol! :-) I have just learned to live with it as it’s really not that difficult, keeping in mind – as a listing creation/managing tool it’s great. The easiest way to fix most issues with Turbo Lister is to NOT start clicking once it freezes! You just have to wait few seconds and it will continue to work. At least, this has worked great for me all this time.

Regular updates & back-ups is a must too! Especially updates part – I try to update it on a weekly basis. On most cases, when something isn’t working, a quick update will fix it. Yes, I know – sometimes it isn’t updating properly and I won’t defend eBay here – it is a lousy software, lol! AND eBay should really spend some time on making a Turbo Lister 3 that finally works without bugs & regular freezes!

Anyway, back to your original question about Turbo Lister alternatives – I have personally used 3 other solutions:

My Top 3 Turbo Lister Alternatives

Nr.1 – eBay, Selling Manager PRO! Yes, you can still do most of tasks Turbo Lister offers using eBay’s Selling Manager Pro subscription. It comes at £4.99 a month and offers automatic listing, bulk listing scheduling, automatic e-mails to buyers (payment received, item dispatched etc.), automated feedback system, csv imports, profit/loss reports and more!

What’s great about SMP subscription is that you get scheduling for free (otherwise it’s a paid service on eBay) and automatic feedback system, which is very handy. At £4.99 a month it’s a good value for your money and is a real alternative to Turbo Lister as it does same tasks, only online via your eBay account. 30 Day trial available.

Nr.2 – Auctiva! was a FREE service for many years, but now they have changed their business model and charge monthly fee for their service. Starting @ $2.95 all the way up to $19.95. I believe the best value can be found in Unlimited Package at $9.95, so the price is close to what eBay charges for it’s Selling Manager Pro.

As far as features goes – as it’s an online application, you won’t have any compatibility issues, which is good of course compared to same Turbo Lister. Auctiva offers full WYSIWYG listing editor, templates, listing managing, re-listing and other features related to listing management process. Additionally, you get 1GB hosting space (Unlimited account) to use for product images, which is a very cool feature for newbie sellers who don’t want to invest in their own hosting account (more flexibility).

Also, Auctiva has it’s own, original features like Scrolling Gallery, Time Saving Profiles, Auctiva Store and others.

Overall Auctiva offers a great range of listing management and selling tools for a reasonable monthly fee. My only concern is that it’s an online service so if your internet connection isn’t lighting fast, you may struggle working with large amounts of listings at same time. Another downside for being an online solution is occasional down times – I experienced this 2 times (of course, at times when I really, badly needed to login in to make some adjustments) and basically that was the reason why I switched off. But that was more than 3 years ago, maybe they have now introduced something more secure & stable.

Another great Turbo Lister alternative! 30 Day Trial available.

Nr.3 – Channel Advisor! Last one in my list is Channel Advisor – I won’t go in much detail about this solution here as it’s really too complicated to cover in few short paragraphs. BUT if you’re after a solution to create, manage your eBay listings + Amazon at one place (including inventory management) you really want to check out this service.

To be perfectly honest, I found it too complicated for my needs but that’s just me – I’m sure there are businesses who can greatly benefit using Channel Advisor, especially for businesses who sell on eBay AND Amazon at same time.

Live Demo accounts are available upon request.

As you can see, there are real alternatives to Turbo Lister and depending on your needs, you can choose one or another solution. There are other software available though, so if you have some spare time, go and check them out and make your own choice:

Other Turbo Lister Alternatives