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Andrew Minalto

Wholesale Sweets in UK – TOP 10 Suppliers!

Hi Andrew,

I would like to open an online sweets shop – do you have any good contacts for UK based sweets wholesalers?

My buying power isn’t that great so low MOQ is essential.

I’m in Manchester but willing to travel for good deals.

Thanks Andrew!

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your question.

This really isn’t that difficult as most of UK sweets wholesalers have websites and they can be found via quick Google search. Please be aware – this is one of those industries still heavily relaying on traditional distribution channels so don’t expect ultra-modern websites with shopping carts here! Well, at least not in the UK.

TOP 10 Sweets Suppliers in UK (in no particular order):

You can easily find more via Google search engine! (search for phrases like “wholesale sweets”, “wholesale candy” etc. – make sure you do this on Google UK site, not .com).

Hope this helps!